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Important Things To Do Before Getting A Divorce

  Divorce is a life changing and stressful experience. Sometimes it comes out of the blue while other times it can be seen coming on the horizon. However, nobody enters into a marriage expecting a divorce. Because of this, many people have no idea or concept of... read more

From Jail to Bail

Being charged with a criminal offense can be very stressful and frightening experience. For most people charged with a crime, the incident ends with them confined in a county jail hoping to be released quickly. When in jail, the magistrate is required by North... read more

DWI/DUI- Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about DWI charges in North Carolina – by Blake Marcus   It’s my first DWI, what will it cost me? Even a first time DWI can be quite expensive. Some preliminary costs of a DWI include a $100.00 civil revocation fee to re-obtain your physical license... read more

Cell Phone Tickets and Accident Statistics

Driving distracted is one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel, but unfortunately many drivers don’t take it seriously. Knowing the truth about how much it can cost you, in terms of both money and your health, can help you make a more... read more

Drugged Driving: Marijuana DUI

No Alcohol? How Can an Officer Show Impairment by Drugs Although most people think of alcohol when they think about a DUI (or DWI) charge, North Carolina drivers can be charged with DUI in a variety of other situations that do not involve alcohol. One of the most... read more