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Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer For A Divorce?

This is one of the first and most frequent questions most people ask when faced with a divorce in North Carolina. It’s an important question to ask. Moreover, this question serves as an umbrella to a number of other common questions and concerns that deserve... read more

4 Frequently Asked Questions about DUIs in Arizona

Guest authored for Minick Law Blog by Attorney David Michael Cantor.   Arizona is notoriously rough on drivers who get behind the wheel intoxicated. If found guilty of a DUI, you’re facing mandatory jail time, fines and surcharges; you will lose your driving... read more

Are the Police Allowed To Use Force?

Right now, the topic of “police brutality” is buzzing through the media airwaves. Do a search on Google for “police brutality” and you’ll almost certainly find an article on the subject written within the last 24 hours. Bloggers, politicians, social activist and many... read more

Assault on a Female

  There are dozens of different types of assault in North Carolina, and one of the most serious misdemeanor assaults is Assault on a Female. Punishable as a Class A1 misdemeanor, a first time offender with no prior convictions could spend up to 60 days in jail.... read more

Domestic Criminal Trespassing

First, what distinguishes “domestic” trespass from a typical trespass? The answer is that a “domestic” trespass requires that the charged party must have been married or have lived as if married to the party that claimed a trespass occurred, and that the parties are... read more

Cyberstalking vs. Stalking

  Most people are familiar with the concept of stalking: just the word “stalking” tends to evoke a mental image of a hooded man following a woman, or a deranged lunatic obsessed with a celebrity. In the modern age, however, stalking can occur online, via text... read more

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