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Assault on a Female

  There are dozens of different types of assault in North Carolina, and one of the most serious misdemeanor assaults is Assault on a Female. Punishable as a Class A1 misdemeanor, a first time offender with no prior convictions could spend up to 60 days in jail.... read more

Domestic Criminal Trespassing

First, what distinguishes “domestic” trespass from a typical trespass? The answer is that a “domestic” trespass requires that the charged party must have been married or have lived as if married to the party that claimed a trespass occurred, and that the parties are... read more

Cyberstalking vs. Stalking

  Most people are familiar with the concept of stalking: just the word “stalking” tends to evoke a mental image of a hooded man following a woman, or a deranged lunatic obsessed with a celebrity. In the modern age, however, stalking can occur online, via text... read more

Important Things To Do Before Getting A Divorce

  Divorce is a life changing and stressful experience. Sometimes it comes out of the blue while other times it can be seen coming on the horizon. However, nobody enters into a marriage expecting a divorce. Because of this, many people have no idea or concept of... read more

From Jail to Bail

Being charged with a criminal offense can be very stressful and frightening experience. For most people charged with a crime, the incident ends with them confined in a county jail hoping to be released quickly. When in jail, the magistrate is required by North... read more

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