A common issue that arises regarding a Workers’ Compensation case is whether a worker can collect Workers’ Compensation benefits when they are involved in a car accident while working. The general answer to this question is yes.

Collecting Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation benefits are insurance payments that cover injuries and lost wages in the workplace. As such, if a worker is involved in a car accident while working, Workers’ Compensation will likely provide coverage for any injuries and lost wages inflicted in the accident. However, the worker must show that the travel engaged in at the time of the accident was either required or related to the job in order to be eligible for benefits. The more evidence that a worker can show that the accident that caused the injury occurred while on the job, the more likely the Workers’ Compensation claim will be approved.

Third-Party Claims

Depending on the nature of the accident and the potential fault of the parties, a worker may be eligible to bring suit against a third-party (the other driver) for the accident. By doing this, a worker can supplement benefits they receive from Workers’ Compensation with additional compensation recovered from the third-party. Although this may seem like a potential hassle, any compensation recovered from a third-party may help substantially due to the fact that Workers’ Compensation only covers medical expenses related to the injury and lost wages. As such, recovering compensation from a third-party can help with property or emotional damages relating to the accident.

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