If you are injured on the job, your medical treatments are typically covered under a Workers Compensation claim through the company that you work for. This coverage includes everything from pain prescriptions to Viagra, as long as they are required for treatment of your injury.

However, in North Carolina, you are not entitled to choose your own Workers Compensation doctor. For a Workers Compensation claim, the insurance company typically requires you to go to an urgent care facility or some pre-approved insurance company doctor. These medical facilities however, are not typically trained for specific specialties like orthopedic injuries.

In order to see a doctor of your choosing, you can either talk with your insurance adjuster about seeing another doctor or retain an experienced Workers Compensation lawyer. At Minick Law, an experienced Workers Compensation lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company or petition the North Carolina Industrial Commission to allow you to seek a second opinion or change doctors entirely.

Although you have several options for potentially getting a second opinion on your injury, these options are not guaranteed to succeed. If the insurance company is against you switching medical providers, your only option is to petition the North Carolina Industrial Commission. For a successful petition, you must show good cause or specific circumstances that require you to get a second opinion or to change medical providers. Successful appeals are typically seen where the second opinion or different medical provider is a specialist that is more capable at handling your specific injury.

If you are attempting to get a second opinion or to change medical providers, do not hesitate to Contact Us at Minick Law. After scheduling a free consultation, a experienced Workers Compensation lawyer will fight for you to be able to see a doctor your choosing.

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