Minick Law Attorney Gint Krulikas interviews Cathy Bentley of Reliant Monitoring Services about how continuous alcohol monitoring works and the role it plays in DWI charges.

Topics and questions covered:

What is continuous alcohol monitoring?
Why do people wear alcohol monitors?
How does the device work?
How noticeable is the device when worn?
Can you take a shower with a continuous alcohol monitor?
How is it worn?
Can the user adjust the fit?
How reliable are the devices?
Does the device detect any other substances?
Can the device generate false readings?
What happens when a drinking event is registered?
What maintenance on the device is required?
How is the data transmitted?
What is the cost of the device?
What happens if the device is damaged or broken?
Is the device affected by temperature or humidity?
What are the consequences of a positive reading?


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