A Workers Compensation claim can be difficult and complicated. Typically, legal claims involving bodily injury are handled through the civil court system. These legal claims follow the normal judicial process and are handled by judges in a courtroom. Workers Compensation law is enforced by the North Carolina Industrial Commission, a quasi-judicial branch that has been established by the State. In North Carolina, a Workers Compensation claim is heard through the North Carolina Industrial Commission. This commission has established its own procedures and rules, which have the authority of law. A Workers Compensation claim is completely different than normal judicial proceedings; a personal injury attorney may not be experienced or qualified enough to handle your Worker’s Compensation claim.

Most injuries in the workplace are not serious and can be easily dealt with. These injuries are generally witnessed and reported immediately, resulting in appropriate Workers Compensation medical care provided by the employer or their insurance company. In these situations, a lawyer is generally not needed.

However, in instances where the injury is serious or is not reported and witnessed, legal representation may be warranted. In these situations, the company will generally not approve medical care or will argue that the injury did not occur in the workplace. Generally, you should contact a lawyer if your injury is:

  • Severe enough to require surgery;
  • Prevents you from working temporarily or permanently;
  • Deemed serious or hazardous to your health by a doctor; or
  • Denied by your employer;

In these situations, it is imperative to contact an experienced Worker’s Compensation attorney to represent you in your claim.

A Workers Compensation claim attorney will provide valuable legal advice and guide you through the Workers Compensation process. A lawyer will also help you make sure you receive the medical help you need to heal as quickly as possible. A Worker’s Compensation lawyer will also fight for your claim to make sure you receive the benefits and compensation to which you are entitled. Having an experienced Worker’s Compensation lawyer will also help you avoid any potential problems or situations that may reduce your benefits or compensation.

At Minick Law, you will receive a free consultation on the facts of your case and an analysis of whether you require a lawyer for your claim and your chances of success. If you decide to retain us as your representation for your Workers Compensation claim, your lawyer’s fee will be paid on a contingent basis. In other words, we will not get paid until you get paid. Typically, we will receive 25% of the money that we obtain for you in a settlement.

Unless your claim is for something very basic and straightforward, it is never a bad idea to talk to a lawyer. Since the consultation is free, it is only in your own benefit to Contact Us and set up a consultation to have an experienced Workers Compensation lawyer at Minick Law represent you.

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