Attorneys are paid 33% of whatever they can recover from the insurance company for a car accident case. Is it worth hiring an attorney for your case? There are some types of cases that you can handle without an attorney. As a general rule, the more complicated your case, the more likely you will need an attorney to represent you.

The following type of car accident case should only be handled with an attorney representing you:

1) Serious injuries such as fractures or injuries that require surgeries or overnight hospitalization;

2) At-fault driver was drinking – these cases trigger “punitive damages” which are best articulated and argued by an attorney;

3) Medical bills above $5,000;

6) Uninsured Motorist claims; where the at-fault driver has no insurance or there was a hit and run;

7) Commercial vehicle accidents, such as tractor trailer crashes.

8) Your medical providers are sending you “liens” or your health insurance is asking to be reimbursed out of your settlement money.

The following type of car accident case can usually be handled without an attorney’s representation:

Where liability is clear, your total medical bills are $2,000 or less and you did not miss more than a week of work as a result of your injury. Typically these types of cases are straight forward and easy to settle without an attorney.

From your perspective, hiring an attorney for these types of cases is not cost effective. The attorney’s fee would be too large to justify hiring an attorney for such a simple case.

If you are unsure about whether is makes sense for you to hire an attorney, I would be happy to speak with you at no charge and guide in the right direction.

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