A Man for All Seasons, the 1966 film based on the life of Sir Thomas More won six Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. During the film, Richard Rich, an ambitious young man, is seeking More’s assistance in finding a position at Court. More tells Rich that he has found him a teaching position. When More tells Rich that he might be a great teacher, Rich responds despondently “and who would know it.” More replies, “You, your pupils, your friends, God. Not a bad public that.” In a world where professional success is often scored based on income and generally meaningless awards, it is important to take time to determine what your personal vision of success in life looks like.

On today’s episode Jake walks you through, the EOS Personal/Family V/TO which is a tool to help you chart your vision of the future, the person who you hope to be in 10 years. Make sure to download this tool before tuning into today’s episode to get the most out of this incredibly important exercise.

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