On today’s podcast the NC DWI Guy sits down with Jody Lanier.

Jody originally handled a wide range of criminal, traffic, and DWI cases before focusing his practice on traffic ticket defense. Over time, Jody has developed his firm into a near virtual practice, something that is rare and cutting edge when it comes to criminal District Court matters.

In 2020, Jody decided to move west to Boulder, Colorado and shares his experience of keeping his NC based practice running, starting a new legal marketing footprint in CO, and the process of getting admitted to practice law in another state.



Discover Jody’s process for transferring his bar license to another state


Learn how Jody developed a legal practice that deals exclusively in traffic tickets and how he has innovated his practice to serve his life and family


Find out the techniques that Jody used to develop relationships with DAs, defense attorneys, and judges as a young attorney trying to get experience