Want to take your courtroom game to the next level? On today’s episode, the NC DWI Guy goes over a list of 10 game changing resources to improve your knowledge of North Carolina DWI issues and concepts.

The key to knowing how to improve your knowledge of NC DWI laws is knowing where to look. If you take advantage of just one of the 10 resources that Jake suggests during this episode, you will do yourself (and your clients) a major favor.

Here are the links to the resources discussed on today’s episode:

1) North Carolina Advocates for Justice – NCAJ DWI Listserv / NCAJ CLE On Demand
2) Teddy’s North Carolina DWI Trial Notebook
3) North Carolina Indigent Defense Services – Training Materials by Subject
4) UNC School of Government – Blog / The Law of Impaired Driving
5) NHTSA 2018 Student Manual
6) Impaired Driving Specialists – DUI Expert on Demand / Seminars & Trainings
7) Drunk Driving Defense 8th Edition
8) James Davis’ The DWI Trial Notebook
9) Marcus Hill’s List of DWI Cases
10) Bill Power’s 2019 NC DWI Quick Reference Guide

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