After being the victim of an unfortunate accident, an individual must decide whether to hire a personal injury attorney to pursue their case. Typically, after going to several attorneys and evaluating their options, an individual may choose to hire an attorney to help them pursue their personal injury claim. However, what forms are typically required for hiring a personal injury attorney?

Medical Release

First and foremost, a personal injury attorney will require you to sign a medical release form. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) enacted by Congress, individuals must provide written permission to interested parties (doctors, attorneys, etc.) before medical information will be released. As such, in order for your attorney to receive all of your medical records and bills, you will have to sign a form that authorizes the attorney to request and receive these records. This is important because without it, your attorney will not be able to produce an accurate record of the injuries that you have suffered. This ability is vital in producing and presenting a demand letter to the insurance company or individual that caused the accident.

Attorney-Client Employment Contract

Additionally, after you have hired your personal injury attorney, you will be required to sign a written contract regarding the attorney-client employment relationship that you are about to enter. In this written contract, the attorney will lay out the individual details regarding representation, the process of terminating the relationship (firing the attorney), and how the contingency fee and expenses will be calculated. Because this is an important document, the attorney will generally have you sign it at your initial consultation. However, it can be delayed a reasonable amount of time if necessary.

Additional Documents

Generally, most attorneys will not require you to sign any other documents after the initial hiring. However, the business of law is very paper-oriented, so there may be additional forms or documents that will require signing.

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