After being charged with a crime, most defendants would simply like for the charges to disappear. Although no lawyer can guarantee that, hiring a lawyer is likely the most effective way to reach the best possible outcome in your case. In North Carolina individuals charged with a crime generally has three option: (1) represent themselves; (2) apply for court appointed counsel; or (3) hire their own attorney.

Knowledge of the Legal System

Although self-representation sounds like a promising alternative to hiring an attorney for monetary reasons, it may be difficult to do so effectively. While there are numerous resources available to help people attempt to understand the criminal law system, this is simply not a valid substitute for the experience that a seasoned criminal defense attorney has. While a criminal defense attorney has attended three years of law school and passed the state bar exam, typically, the vast amount of experience that the lawyer has is his most priceless asset.

Making the Decision

If you decide to hire a lawyer, it is worth taking the time to meet with several attorneys. It is important to get an attorney involved that you feel comfortable speaking to regarding all the relevant information surrounding your case. It is also important to hire an attorney who handles a high volume of criminal cases, if you are looking for help navigating a criminal charge.

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