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Automobile Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident, one of the most critical pieces of information that you will need is the North Carolina Accident Report, or crash report, which was filled out by the investigating officer.  It is very difficult to understand the accident report without looking at an accident report “key”, which explains the report. The accident report “key” can be accessed here:

North Carolina Accident Report Key

How to understand your North Carolina Accident Report:
Start by scanning of all driver names and vehicle information to make sure the officer has accurately described who was driving which vehicle.  At the bottom of the second page, there should be a box where the officer will write if anyone received a citation as a result of the accident.

Check to see if the at-fault driver was written a ticket:
Boxes 14, 15, 16, may be filled in with numbers.  These boxes will let you know if the officer determined if the driver of the first vehicle was at fault for the accident.  Boxes 17, 18, and 19 will tell you if the driver of the second vehicle is at fault for the accident.  Use the “key” to look up what each number means.

Find out which Insurance Company is responsible for the at-fault driver:
At the bottom of the North Carolin Accident Report on page 1; you will find information about the other driver involved, the name of the insurance company, and the insurance policy number.  This is the insurance company you will probably be dealing with when you try to settle your auto accident.

Please keep in mind that the officer’s conclusions in the accident report are not final.  I have been successful getting officers to amend the accident report with new information that I have provided them from witnesses and photographic evidence.  If you do not have a North Carolina Accident Report for your accident, contact a Minick Law personal injury attorney and we will provide one for you at no charge.

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