My job involves speaking to clients about their car accident claim.  Often, a client who has been injured in a car crash will tell me that the insurance company made them an offer to settle their case within days of the accident.  Recently, a client of mine was tricked by an insurance company into signing a release of his entire claim for only $1,100 despite the fact that he needs future knee surgery.  Here are some rules about what not do when settling your car accident claim.

1)  Do not try to represent yourself.  The best way to settle a car accident claim is to hire a personal injury attorney who will represent you in your car accident claim.  He or she will know what your rights are, how much money is a good settlement, and all the details about your medical bills and vehicle damage.

2) Do not speak to the insurance company about your accident.  It will be very difficult to settle a car accident claim with an insurance company if you have said the wrong thing to the insurance company during your negotiations.  The best practice is to simply not speak to them.

3) Do not try to settle a car accident claim unless you have completed all your medical treatment.  It is very important that the insurance company have all of your medical bills and notes from treatment so that you can maximize the value and allow to settle a car accident claim for the most money possible.

4) Do not settle a car accident claim without having an attorney look per any settlement release.  Before you sign anything, have an attorney look at your paperwork; I have seen insurance companies trick people into signing something that seriously harms their case.

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