Megan Shepard - Family Law Attorney

Megan Shepard – Family Law Attorney

Divorce is a life changing and stressful experience. Sometimes it comes out of the blue while other times it can be seen coming on the horizon. However, nobody enters into a marriage expecting a divorce. Because of this, many people have no idea or concept of what getting a divorce entails. As such, the following are some of the important things to do before getting a divorce.

Marriage Counseling

First and foremost, if at all possible, try to talk to a marriage or couples counselor. In some situations, communicating about your difficulties in a positive environment may help reconcile your problems and rescue your marriage. This will not only benefit your emotional and mental health, but also save you money. However, even if divorce is inevitable, counseling may still be a smart idea because it can help you understand what went wrong, how to fix certain problems or situations, and help deal with the stress and emotional conflict that divorce brings.

Talk To An Attorney

If you believe that getting a divorce is inevitable, it is important to talk to an attorney first. An experienced Divorce/Family Law attorney can give you important information that will help guide you through the process of a divorce. In North Carolina, divorce can become very complicated very quickly depending on any of the numerous twists and turns that can arise (infidelity, hiding of assets, etc.).

Take An Inventory

Once you have decided to get a divorce, it is very important to make an inventory of all the marital property and liabilities. By doing this, you start to gather relevant information that will be important to your divorce. Additionally, it could be used to show that your spouse has gotten rid of or is concealing assets.

Gather Paperwork

Finally, you should try to gather all relevant paperwork that may be needed once the divorce process has begun. This following are common documents required:

  • W-2’s;
  • 1099 tax forms;
  • Tax returns for the past three years;
  • Retirement account(s) paperwork;
  • Bank account(s) paperwork; and
  • Credit card information;

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