Child Custody

Your child means everything to you. And losing your child in a custody battle means losing a piece of you. We understand. Because here at Minick Law, P.C., family matters. Our experienced team of Child Custody lawyers dedicates itself to helping parents stay connected with their children.

We get that sometimes relationships just don’t work out. But no one should be disconnected from their child. That’s why our Family Law Team fights tirelessly for your right to the custody of your children. Your child is too important. And our Child Custody and Support Team is waiting to help.

Keep your children close and protect their future.

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Your Child Custody Lawyers

The emotional strain and financial worry that often accompany divorce or separation is hard enough as it is, so losing a child in the process can be crushing. We understand. Why? Because family matters to us. It’s mattered to our attorneys from the beginning. It’s why James Minick, the founder of Minick Law, P.C. has five kids. It’s why you’ll see wedding bands on the hands of our Family Law lawyers. We realize that sometimes things simply don’t work out in a relationship. But we also realize the tremendous bond between a child and his parent.


Child Custody and Child Support

Child Custody

In 2012, there were 2,872 divorces or annulments in western North Carolina alone. 2013 saw nearly the same number. This means that in western North Carolina there are hundreds of child custody battles or agreements every year. Obtaining custody of a child is probably the most emotionally charged part of any issue related to domestic law. This means two things: it can be difficult to settle and it can be very expensive.

In most separations, the spouses or partners had frustrations which were directed at the other. Rarely are these frustrations directed at the child(ren). What this means is that in most separations, each party wants either full or equal custody of their child(ren). The reason child custody battles are so difficult to settle is because there are so many factors involved. In each party’s case there are dozens of elements investigated, including: financial stability, living environment, emotional stability, any abusive tendencies, and mental health. The list goes on.

Because it is such a difficult process, a number child custody battles go to court and, there, a judge looks at the evidence and then attributes a percentage of custody rights to each party. It’s important to try and settle before a custody battle reaches this point because a judge has no invested interest in your situation. That’s why most child custody battles are mediated by lawyers who are invested in their client’s demands, but understand the legal framework and the importance of establishing a compromise.

In addition, because of the emotionally heavy nature of most custody battles and the time which they take to settle, they can often be expensive. And if they are unsettled and go to court, prices can skyrocket and the verdict will likely leave both parties unsatisfied. It’s critical then to find an attorney who has the compassion to understand your situation and fight for your interests, while at the same time understanding how to navigate the legal framework of mediation.

Child Support

Hand-in-hand with custody battles is the need to determine child support. Independent of the decision made as to where the child will stay, child support is a necessary part of most settlements to make sure that the child’s interests and future are protected. In the same way that settlements are so difficult to finalize in divorces, separations, and custody battles because of all the factors that have to be evaluated, child support agreements take time and focused mediation to close out.

Child support examines dozens of different factors in the case of both the ‘supporter’ and ‘supported.’ Assets are normally looked at first. This includes not only the gross annual income, but also the property of investments or IRA’s that each party owns. In addition, debt and regular payments are considered. Routine child care costs are also evaluated, along with other basic child care obligations, especially health care and privatized school care costs. Each of these elements is carefully considered in the case of both parties.

After completing this thorough investigation, the mediation process really begins. Both parties (and their attorneys) will sit down in a mediation setting. There two things will occur: first, the two parties will agree upon the validity of all the estimates figured in the initial investigation; and, second, based on those numbers they will determine an actual sum to be paid in child support with some sort of payment plan. Most payment plans are built on a weekly or monthly framework.

While it can be a lengthy process, child support agreements preserve and protect your child’s well-being. These agreements, then, are carefully constructed to provide for a child’s present needs as well as safeguarding future opportunities. Every good parent knows that a child’s life is too precious to be restricted or damaged by insufficient financial support. That’s why it’s vital to have someone guide you through the mediation process to make sure that all factors and elements determining your child’s support are thoroughly and thoughtfully examined.


How We Handle Child Custody and Support Cases

Most firms will assign one attorney, or even an assistant, to handle all aspects of a Child Custody or Child Support case. Here is the Minick Law difference: we look at each case as a Team. Our attorneys, paralegals, and assistants work together behind the scenes to make sure that all legal paths in your situation are explored.

Focused on making your divorce go smoothly and favorably, our Child Custody and Support Team will conduct a thorough investigation of your situation, searching for any and all elements helpful to your case. Then our lawyers will carry out an action plan, designed specifically to your case, which will include:

Child Custody

  • Determining financial stability
  • Examining lifestyle/environmental safety
  • Evaluating physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Appropriating full or partial visitation set by guidelines
  • Conducting mediation
  • Negotiating a settlement

Child Support

  • Examining all avenues of income
  • Determining any and all property ownership (stocks, IRA’s, retirement funds included)
  • Evaluating all assets, including debt / payments
  • Anticipating any future expenses (health, school, personal, etc.)
  • Negotiating a support agreement
  • Establishing a payment plan

Because the individual is our focus at Minick Law, P.C. we will not disappear after the first few steps like many attorneys. Our Team will keep you updated on all the developments of your case. Once we’ve completed all the steps in our action plan, our Child Custody and Support lawyers will work with you to decide what is best for you, your child, and your future together. Our aim is to help you regain control and stability in your life quickly, compassionately, and professionally.

Client Relationship

At Minick Law, P.C., a Child Custody and Support lawyer will personally meet with you from the beginning of the attorney-client relationship. At Minick Law, a Divorce lawyer will be in contact with you throughout your case; you will know that your case is being handled by an attorney, not an assistant.

Contact Your Child Custody and Support Team

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