Under Workers’ Compensation laws in North Carolina, an employee is entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits for any injury or disability caused by a condition or risk of employment. However, this injury or disability must have been a result of the employment putting the worker at a greater risk then the general public.

What is a Repetitive Stress Injury?

A repetitive stress injury is an injury caused by having to do the same motion over and over again throughout the workday. When a worker puts their body through the stress of a physical motion countless times, a worker puts themselves in danger of a variety of physical ailments that can negatively affect their health.

Examples of Repetitive Stress Injuries

One of the most common repetitive stress injuries in Workers’ Compensation cases is carpel tunnel syndrome. Carpel tunnel syndrome can be seen in a variety of workers ranging from a factory laborer that is bolting on the exact same bolt in a production line to an office worker that has to excessively type on a keyboard.

Proving Repetitive Stress Injuries

In order to claim Workers’ Compensation benefits, a worker must prove that a repetitive stress injury was caused by a condition in the workplace. This can be done by proving a two element test. First, the worker must show that the work environment in which they were a part of placed the worker at a greater risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome then member of the general public. Second, the worker must show that the work environment was a significant contributing factor to contracting carpal tunnel syndrome. If the worker can prove these elements, they will be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits for a repetitive stress injury.

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