Did you receive a speeding ticket in Jacksonville, North Carolina (Onslow
County) and need help figuring out what to do with your case? In North
Carolina, there are many different potential outcomes on a speeding ticket.
These outcomes can be very different depending on the county in which you
are charged.

You can handle a speeding ticket in Jacksonville (Onslow County) in court on
your own, but hiring an experienced traffic attorney can save you time, money,
and you will likely not need to be present in court. Here are a couple of different
ways to handle a speeding ticket in Jacksonville (Onslow County). It is always
best to contact an Onslow County attorney regarding your speeding charge so
that the specific facts in your case can be considered in determining the best
possible way to handle your case.

First-Time Offenders: Request For
Your Speeding Ticket in Jacksonville to
be Reduced

Although an assistant DA is not required to reduce your speeding ticket, they
will often do so, especially if you have no recent offenses on your driving
record. If you have no traffic convictions on your driving record in the three
years prior to your speeding ticket in Jacksonville, there are several potential
ways to resolve your case. The first option is reducing your speeding charge to
an improper equipment. Sometimes, there are potential better alternatives such
as a reduction to a Front Seatbelt Violation or a Rear Seatbelt Violation, but
those are very rare in Onslow County. Often there need to be serious mitigating
circumstances to get those types of reductions. An experienced Onslow County
traffic attorney can help determine if those situations apply to you.

If you are able to get your speeding ticket reduced to one of these non-moving
violations, these offenses carry no insurance points and no DMV points here in
North Carolina. However, you would be responsible for paying court costs and/or fines. Even though you will need to pay these court costs and/or fines,
this will be cheaper in the long run since your insurance will not increase.

Request a Prayer for Judgment
Continued (PJC) on Your Speeding
Ticket in Jacksonville

As long as no one on your insurance policy has requested a prayer for judgment
on any ticket in the three years prior to handling your current ticket, the effect of
receiving a PJC on your speeding ticket is that you will not have points added to
either your driver’s license or auto insurance (i.e., no increase in rates).
Unfortunately, a PJC may only be used once every three years by any member
under the auto insurance policy.

However, there are certain exceptions to this. For instance, the NC DMV will not
recognize a PJC for certain speeding charges (like if your speed was 25 mph or
above the speed limit. In this situation, your charge would have to be reduced
before requesting the PJC). Also, a judge is not able to continue judgment (i.e.,
grant the PJC) on certain chargers.

Receiving a Voluntary Dismissal on
Your Speeding Ticket in Jacksonville

An assistant DA does have the authority to dismiss a speeding ticket in
Jacksonville. It is often difficult to predict when a voluntary dismissal of a
speeding ticket will be taken by the DA and is very rare. Generally, to obtain a
dismissal, there have to be serious mitigating circumstances and you may be
required to complete a Driving School or Community Service.

If you have a poor driving record or have an extremely high speed on your ticket
(ex. 88 mph in a 45 mph zone), dismissal of your speeding ticket would be
unlikely. Usually, the assistant DA in Onslow County only dismisses speeding
tickets if you attend a driving school and if the speed was only a few mph above
the speed. However, a dismissal is very uncommon.

Speeding Tickets That are High Speeds
or 90+ MPH in Jacksonville

High speed tickets or speeding above 90 mph are very serious offenses. These
types of charges are almost never dismissed and are typically very difficult to
get reduced. Generally, it takes a lot of negotiation and/or mitigation work to get
an assistant DA to consider a reduction. Pleading guilty or being found
responsible for this type of charge can lead to license suspensions through the
DMV. Contact Minick Law’s Jacksonville traffic attorneys now if you are facing
such a ticket.