After being injured at work, it can be hard to figure out what an individual should do next in order to receive Workers Compensation benefits. The following is a general checklist of things to do regarding your Workers Compensation claim.

Inform Your Employer

It may seem a bit obvious to notify your employer about your workers compensation claim; it is important to make sure that your employer knows about your injury and makes a record of it. Without proper notification and/or documentation, it may be hard to prove your claim. Although you should inform your employer as soon as possible, you can wait until after you’ve sought medical attention. This should be done no later than 30 days after your injury and must be in written form.

Visit a Doctor

Typically, after being injured in the workplace, your employer will immediately have you visit an employer approved doctor to assess your injury. Although this is generally the case, if your employer does not have a relationship with a doctor or hospital, it is important to go seek medical attention.

Inform Your Doctor

When you visit the doctor, it is important to inform them of all the available information regarding your accident. This could be a detailed description of what happened, any symptoms or pains you are suffering, and any prior medical history that may affect your injury.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

After you have seen a doctor, it is important to follow any orders that the doctor may have given you. By following these orders, not only are you working to heal your injury, but you are also showing that you are employing a good faith effort in attempting to get back to work as soon as possible.

File a Workers Compensation Claim

In North Carolina, the N.C. Industrial Commission requires that an injured worker submit a Form 18 in order to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. This file must be completely filled out and submitted in order for your case to move forward. You have two years from the date of your injury to file this form in order to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. This Form 18 is available here.

Retain All Paperwork

You should also retain any and all paperwork about your workers compensation claim that you receive throughout the course of this process. Not only does this allow you to retain a complete file of your injury, but it also provides valuable evidence to support your claim.

Contact Us

If you or someone you know has been injured while at work, you should Contact Us for a free consultation. By contacting an experienced Worker’s Compensation attorney, you will receive valuable legal advice and an experienced guide through the complex Workers Compensation claim process.

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