What is “Med-Pay” and how to collect it after a car accident:

North Carolina automobile accident victims often overlook a source of money that is available to them through their own automobile insurance policy.   Many vehicles in North Carolina are covered by “Med-Pay” or Medical Payments coverage.  Many people do not even know that they have this coverage, or when it applies.  To find out if you have Med-Pay, contact your insurance agent or simply look on the declarations page of your policy for a line that reads “medical payments”.

What does Med-Pay cover?  This coverage will pay for all medical expenses up to the maximum amount incurred as a result of injuries sustained by any person riding in the car which is covered by Med-Pay, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.  North Carolina Med-Pay coverage usually covers up to one or two thousand dollars.  You can ask your insurance company to cover you for Med-Pay up to $5,000, $10,000 or even $100,000.

Med-Pay policies will not subrogate, which means that once you recover Med-Pay money, you will not have to pay that money back to the insurance company of that at-fault driver once you have settled your case with them.

How can I collect Med-Pay?
Collecting a Med-Pay claim is usually very easy.  Send a copy of the accident report and copies of your medical bills to your insurance company. You usually will not need a lawyer to help you with this claim.  At Minick Law Firm, we always help our clients collect Med-Pay coverage and do not charge any fee for this service.

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