After being the victim of an unfortunate accident, an individual must decide whether to hire a personal injury attorney to pursue their case. Typically, this involves “interviewing” several different attorneys by presenting your case in an initial consultation. However, what happens at an initial consultation?

Meeting the Attorney

After scheduling an appointment, an individual will meet face to face with the personal injury attorney to go over what happened and inform the attorney of the specific details. Generally, since most personal injury cases are billed on a contingency basis, the initial consultation should be free. This is to allow the victim an opportunity to see if their case is worth pursuing without having to worry about paying a fee. During the initial consultation, the individual will recite their story while the attorney will ask questions and try to extract any details that may help the attorney understand the incident. Additionally, the attorney will use the time as an opportunity to see how the individual speaks and acts. This information may be important if the individual will be required to testify at court.

Legal Discussion

After going over the details and specifics of the case, the attorney will then give the individual a general snapshot of what their chances of success with the claim are, defenses the other party may use, and strategies that the attorney may be able to use in the individual’s case. Additionally, the attorney will also go over the strengths and weaknesses of the case. At this point, the attorney will tell the individual whether the case is worth pursuing or not. If it is, the attorney will initiate initial intake paperwork that can include: a contract for the case, medical release forms, and insurance information.

Attorney’s Fees

Following the discussion of the legal aspects of the case, the attorney will address how the attorney’s fees will be paid. Generally, almost all personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis. This means that the attorney will not get paid until the individual either receives a settlement or a judgment. Typically, the attorney will receive a third of this award. Additionally, the attorney may deduct an additional amount for reasonable expenses related to the case (court filings, depositions, etc.).

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