Megan Shepard - Family Law Attorney

Megan Shepard – Family Law Attorney

More often then not, many divorcing couples chose to go through mediation prior to any legal action in a courtroom. Not only can mediation potentially save money and time, but it may also be able to provide a more amicable ending to your divorce. However, what will a mediator do in my divorce mediation?


A mediator’s job in divorce mediation is to be a neutral third-party. By being impartial and disinterested, a mediator is able to see things clearly and without bias. By offering this service, the mediator can provide a stable environment for divorce proceedings with the potential for a positive resolution.

Experienced Counselor

Divorce mediators are also experienced counselors that have likely seen everything and anything when it comes to divorce. As such, they are capable of providing valuable insight and advice based off their previous experiences. Although you should only take legal advice from your attorney, by listening to some guidance from your mediator, you may be able to see how other divorcing couples previously handled a similar situation.

Gastonia Divorce LawyerExperienced Negotiator

A mediator’s job, first and foremost, is to negotiate a positive resolution to the divorce. As such, they are motivated to find a middle ground that works for all parties involved. Typically, a mediator is not only trained to work out a successful mediation, but they can also rely on their vast experience in divorces and family law to find a solution that works.


Generally, for most divorcing couples, mediation is a good first step in the divorce process. Not only does mediation help couples air out some of the issues in their divorce, but it also provides an opportunity for a potentially resolution that could benefit both spouses. Additionally, mediation is not binding, so you do not have to worry about “winning” or “losing” your divorce mediation.

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