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A Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device is an electronic bracelet that is worn on an individual’s body (usually on the ankle) that actively monitors whether or not the individual consumes alcohol. The device works by detecting natural perspiration from the body and analyzing this perspiration for traces of alcohol. If the device detects a positive reading for alcohol, it notifies a monitoring agency.

In a situation where an individual is dealing with a faced with a serious DWI charge, voluntarily agreeing to wear a continuous alcohol monitoring device can be a helpful way to provide mitigating sentencing factors to a judge or to help reduce the amount of active jail time. In general, most individuals who decide to submit to wearing a continuous alcohol monitoring device have had previous DWIs within a short time period, displayed a very high blood alcohol concentration (“BAC”) at the time of arrest, or are facing a large amount of time in active custody.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Providers278472-House_Arrest_1

Generally, there are several providers of continuous alcohol monitoring devices in North Carolina and the Wilmington area. The following is their contact information:

  • Tarheel Monitoring, LLC
    • 244 Princess Street, 2nd Floor, Wilmington, NC 28401
    • 910-763-1490
  • Reliant Monitoring Services
    • 114 New Edison Court, Cary, NC 27511
    • 919-754-9422
  • Carolina Monitoring Associates
    • PO Box 2974, Greenville, NC 27836
    • 866-915-4955

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