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DMV Hearing Lawyer

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For most of us, the ability to drive is not optional, it is a necessity.

When facing a license revocation (or trying to have your driver’s license reinstated) the final decision of a Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Hearing Officer can be life changing.

When your driver’s license is hanging in the balance, get an experienced advocate on your side who knows the laws and procedure of a DMV Hearing.

DMV Hearing Defense

DMV Refusal Hearing

A refusal occurs when an individual charged with an implied consent offense (typically a DWI) refuses to perform a blood or breath test requested by a law enforcement officer.

A willful refusal could cause your driver’s license to be revoked for one year. At the refusal hearing, a DMV Hearing Officer will determine whether you willful refused chemical testing in addition to a few other very narrow legal issues. The hearing officer’s decision to revoke your license will be based on these issues.

To appeal a driver’s license suspension based on a willful refusal, a driver must timely file his intent to contest this suspension. Often the windows of opportunity to appeal a refusal suspension are brief and it is important to discuss these issues as soon as a charge has been filed.

DMV Ignition Interlock

Many driver’s convicted of a DWI in North Carolina are now required to have an ignition interlock device installed on a vehicle.

These devices are typically calibrated to either a .00 or a .04 depending on the circumstances of the charge/conviction. When a positive reading is given above the set limit for the ignition interlock device, a copy of that failure to comply with the device may be sent to the DMV and the DMV may issue a revocation for the positive blow.

Many individuals have the opportunity to request a DMV Hearing to show that they in fact did not violate their alcohol restrictions. It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a violation has been reported so that any helpful evidence in contesting the results sent to the DMV can be preserved and documented.

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I had a wonderful experience with the staff at Minick Law, and was pleased with the work that James Minick himself did on my behalf. He not only worked before and during my case, but helped guide and assist me two years afterwards. He's a good man, but also highly intelligent and he knows how the legal system works.

Jessica Allison


Attorney Minick and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. All questions were answered in a timely, respectful, and friendly manner. The firm's attorneys are devoted and their areas of expertise are far-ranging. This firm is top-notch!

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knows how to get the job done!

This Law Firm really knows how to get the job done! What a wonderful and pleasant experience knowing and trusting that they would help me out in my time of need. All the attorney's here are very professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend The Minick Law Firm for any of your needs. Thank you!

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My experience with Minick Law can be best described as excellent. I received optimum results in my case with much attentiveness to my questions and concerns. From my the office staff, I can only say thank you, and job well done!

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Minick Law exceeds the expectations of a law firm and demonstrates many outstanding professional qualities. Of these qualities, three really stand out: high level expertise, honesty, and excellent communication. Thank you all for your superior work!

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The manner with which [Minick Law] handled our situation was very professional. They saw that all questions were answered and we were at ease with what would occur. I would highly recommend Minick Law Group to anyone needing their services.

Jill Varney

How We Can Help

At Minick Law, we help individuals charged with DWI by:

Effectively navigating a criminal charge and its consequences begins with planning. During our initial consultation we want to learn about the details of your case and the impact the charge is having on your life, so that we can provide sound advice on your next steps.

We will work together to create a detailed Action Plan on your case. This Action Plan will give you a to do list and explain how we plan to proceed as your attorney. Getting the best result on your case means having the best information when making important decisions.

A Cup of Coffee with 10 of the Top DUI Attorneys in the United States

James Minick is the co-author of A Cup of Coffee with 10 of the Top DUI Attorneys in the United States. This is meant to be a guidebook for anyone facing a DWI charge and its consequences.

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Drunk Driving Death Statistics

Drunk Driving Death Statistics

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Attacking the Introduction of Blood Alcohol Concentration

Attacking the Introduction of Blood Alcohol Concentration

Where the State is seeking to introduce a blood alcohol concentration as evidence against your client, there are a number of Constitutional and statutory challenges that can be utilized in seeking to suppress such evidence from being offered.   Attack 1: Disputing the...

Attacking Reasonable Suscpicion

Attacking Reasonable Suscpicion

When looking to attack a DWI charge the first question in the vast majority of cases is “did the officer have a reason to stop your client?” What is an Investigatory Stop? Begin any argument attacking the validity of a traffic stop with the highest law in the land:...

Attacking The Breath Test

Attacking The Breath Test

The State’s primary witness in most DWI cases in North Carolina is not a human person, but rather the breath-testing device used to prove a person’s alcohol concentration. Attacking the credibility and accuracy of this non-living witness is essential to defending a...

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Great firm. Wonderful and rare attorneys. We could use a million more just like them.

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If attorneys are going to be this compassionate and nice I am going to have to stop telling attorney jokes.

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All questions were answered in a timely, respectful, and friendly manner. The firm's attorneys are devoted and their areas of expertise are far-ranging. This firm is top-notch!

William R.

...I had a note to myself on my calendar to follow up with their office, however, before that date came, they contacted ME, had successfully taken care of my traffic offense and sent me confirmation in the mail...

J. Nelson

This Law Firm really knows how to get the job done!...All the Attorney's here are very professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend The Minick Law Firm for any of your needs. Thank you!

Patrick K.

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We will then create a detailed plan of action for your case to make sure that your traffic ticket is resolved in the appropriate manner. Our mission is to produce the best possible outcome on your case.

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