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We give good people the defense plan they need to fight the legal consequences of their charge, and keep their life moving forward.

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How Our Smithfield DUI Lawyers Help

Reduce the Legal Consequences

Criminal charges can result in the loss your job, license, reputation, and even jail.  Know the legal consequences and then work hard to reduce, or erase, them.

Don’t Face the Law Alone

Being charged with a DWI, criminal, or traffic offense and facing the law is intimidating and isolating. Work with a defense team that fights and cares for you.

Get Clarity with the Unknown

Getting charged with a criminal offense and trying to navigate the legal process is often disorienting and overwhelming. Get the answers you want and the plan you need to get your life back on track.

DUI Defense Is What We Do

DUI charges will often leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed. With so much uncertainty, it’s hard to see what the future holds after your court date.

Don’t let a DUI ruin the rest of your life.

At Minick Law, P.C., our Smithfield DUI lawyers embrace a simple mission: we want to help.

Our DUI defense team will explain the legal process in clear terms and guide you through every step of your case. We take the time to listen and understand your situation, while keeping you well-informed of developments in your case.

Smithfield, NC DUI Lawyers

At Minick Law, P.C. of Smithfield, not only will you receive legal assistance, but an entire defense team. Our Smithfield DUI attorneys work to provide you with the best possible outcome for your case.

We are proud to serve all Smithfield residents & deliver aggressive legal guidance during this trying time. Our compassionate, client-focused service is second to none.

DWI Defense That Cares and Fights For You

Getting a DWI (driving while impaired) or DUI (driving under the influence) can lead to jail time, court fines, license suspension, high insurance rates, and much more. In North Carolina, DWI/DUI law is one of the most complex areas of criminal law.

Our Smithfield DWI lawyers handle Habitual DWI cases, Felony Driving While Impaired, Federal Driving Under Influence (DUI charged on Federal lands or parkway), and Drug Related Impaired Driving cases (including marijuana DWI charges). At Minick Law, P.C., we fight for you in court, as well as care about you and your well-being.

We will work with you to make sure we get all of the facts and create an action plan to get the best possible results on your case.

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Need a Johnston County Traffic Attorney?

If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Johnston County, then you likely have many questions about how to proceed. While nothing compares with direct advice from an attorney that understands your case, you can read answers to frequently asked traffic law questions here.

FAQs for Smithfield DUI Lawyers

How Are You Different From Other Smithfield DUI Lawyers?

When you hire Minick Law, you get a team of attorneys to handle your case. Two heads are better than one, and we take that seriously when preparing for your case.

Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and focus almost entirely on DWI cases. While most lawyers are required to take 12 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) per year, some of our attorneys take 20+ hours per year.

At our Smithfield office, our attorney Michael Franchi makes sure that you are extremely well prepared for court. He covers every possible angle, spending time prepping cases in mock trials and consulting the rest of the team, to ensure that you have the best chance for a successful outcome.

Will I Go to Jail if I am Convicted of a DWI in North Carolina?

While jail time is a possibility for any person convicted of a DWI, the realistic likelihood of jail time depends on a whole number of different factors. The vast majority of people charged with their first DWI are not sentenced to do any active jail time. Jail time is more likely for a person with prior DWI’s, a child in the car, an accident which causes injury to another person or driving on a license which is suspended for a DWI.

Will I be Allowed to Drive after Getting a DWI?

There are many driving consequences that can arise from a DWI. The length of suspensions related to DWI and the requirements for license reinstatement vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including: prior DWI charges, the blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the DWI charge, and whether the driver’s license was suspended at the time of the charge. For a first offense DWI case in North Carolina, a person’s license will be suspended for one year. Most people convicted of their first offense will be able to get a limited driving privilege that will allow them to drive for work, educational, treatment, and religious purposes.

How Much Money Will Getting a DWI Cost Me?

The financial consequences of a DWI are significant and can include: attorney’s fees, court costs and fines, increases in auto insurance premiums, the cost of obtaining an alcohol assessment and completing any recommended treatment, continuous alcohol monitoring, inpatient treatment, and impact on employment.

Should I have been read my Miranda Rights during my DWI Arrest?

In North Carolina, officers frequently do not read Miranda rights at the time of a DWI arrest and often a suspect is never advised of Miranda rights during the entire encounter with police. In the context of a DWI arrest, the lack of Miranda warnings is not likely to result in a dismissal of charges. Most of the time statements made by a DWI suspect after arrest are not particularly important in the State’s prosecution. The suspect’s statements and field sobriety tests prior to arrest combined with a blood or breath alcohol result may be enough for the State to proceed to trial on a DWI charge.

Get the defense you need from a law firm that cares.

Michael Franchi

Associate Attorney

I represent people who haven’t had their best day. Maybe you were speeding. Maybe you had too much to drink. Maybe you made some mistakes. Whatever the case may be, I’m here to help. I enjoy counseling people through the most stressful times in their life.

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Prior to joining Minick Law, I practiced business and estate planning, where I was part of a team that provided legal solutions for businesses and families. I have also completed internships at the Raleigh City Attorneys’ Office, North Carolina Court of Appeals, and Department of Transportation.

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B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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