Top Ten Best Things About Being A Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Attorney

1)   Helping. Helping people obtain comfort and relief from a life changing situation. This may sound cheesy, but it’s a really great feeling to bring financial relief to injured people and their families.

2)   Answering. Providing answers to a confusing situation. There’s something satisfying about knowing what to do in a complicated situation.

3)   Investigating an accident. I love finding witnesses and photographs and details that can break open a denied liability case.

4)   Strategy. Finding creative ways to prove a case and argue damages is endlessly fascinating.

5)   Meeting people I would otherwise never meet. Going to client’s homes, speaking with private investigators, doctors, other attorneys, witnesses and learning about different ways to view the same event.

6)   Risk. You have to admit that its fun to risk thousands of dollars on a case that may or may not return the investment.

7)   Cross examining a defendant who’s lying. Weeding out the defendant’s truth from the lies is always worthwhile.

8)   Talking to juries. Presenting to a jury with everything on the line is high stakes and filled with pressure. It’s always a challenge to be relaxed and conversational.

9)   Finding the heart of a case. When you figure out exactly why the case is being denied, or the offer is so low. I enjoy shining a light on the pettiness or selfishness of the insurance companies reasons.

10) Arguing before a judge. I actually don’t enjoy this at all. But its still a great exercise for articulating your ideas in front of someone with power and authority.

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