A list of the top DUI/DWI blogs on the internet can be a real timesaver. It’s a lot easier than sifting through the search results and wondering whether the sites you’re looking at actually know what they’re talking about.

One solution would be to just read our blog. We’ve put a lot of effort into posts meant to be the definitive guide on certain DWI and criminal defense topics like:

Sometimes, though, you need an answer we might not have, such as information about a particular state’s DWI laws. If that’s the case, you may find this list of the Top 20 DWI / DUI blogs useful!

Let’s take a look.

The Kansas DUI Blog

Norton Hare’s Kansas DUI blog focuses on news and information relating to DUIs in general and Kansas DUI law in particular. Posts are short and to the point, as for example this one about new state DUI laws coming in 2018. The only downside is that it’s slightly difficult to access older posts.

Lawrence Taylor’s DUI Blog

No list of DUI blogs would be complete without Lawrence Taylor’s. Taylor campaigns against injustice in the DUI/DWI system and posts an informative and engaging article every week. Also, you may want to avail yourself of his DUI defense video library, located in the right sidebar.

Minnesota DWI Defense Blog

The Minnesota DWI Defense blog is run by the Ramsay Law Firm, and provides DWI news and advice not only for Minnesota but for neighboring states as well. They publish engaging posts weekly, complete with crisp and often amusing pictures. This is probably the most imaginative of DUI blogs – consider their article series on why they’re like the Minnesota Vikings.

Los Angeles DWI Attorney Blog

Kraut Law Group’s Los Angeles DWI attorney blog publishes case studies, local DWI news, and general DUI information about twice a month. Their articles are well-written and informative, as might be expected given their 10.0 superb Avvo rating. Furthermore, the blog is laid out conveniently, with the ability to search by keyword or browse by topic.

Marin DWI Lawyer Blog

Attorney John Stanko puts his 20 years of experience to good use covering DUI information and local DWI news (he’s based in Marin County, California.) With one of the most prolific of DUI blogs, he’s been known to post three or even four times in one week.

John Rapp

John Rapp’s Wichita DUI blog doesn’t publish as often as some other DUI blogs, but focuses heavily on general DUI news and updates. The crisp layout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, whether that’s information on boating under the influence or on attempts to lower the legal alcohol limit.

Pennsylvania DUI Blog

The Pennsylvania DUI blog, presented by the McShane Firm, makes extensive use of attorney Justin McShane’s knowledge of forensic science, to add extra authoritative power to his advice and opinion. He also however blogs extensively on legal DUI news, with new posts going up weekly.

Dayton DUI Blog

Charles M. Rowland II’s Dayton DUI blog publishes regularly, several times a month. His articles mainly focus on DUI information rather than news, and unlike some of the other DUI blogs on this list, he writes specifically for potential clients. We’d also like to note his visually appealing and easy to navigate site layout.

Jonathan Blecher

Jonathan Blecher’s DUI blog posts monthly to bring useful information to his Miami clients, such as how prescription drugs can get you a DUI, or what qualifies as a lawful police stop. And if you need immediate help, a representative of the firm is always available through live chat.

DUI News & Blog

Most of the other DUI blogs on this list have no more than one or two authors, and focus on DUI information relating to at most one state. Not the DUI News Blog. With a staggering list over 30 contributors, the blog has legal information for DUIs in 33 states – and that’s not counting the 800+ posts on general DUI news!

Kentucky DUI Defense Lawyer

Stephen J. Isaacs keeps Kentuckians informed about their DUI rights – and lawyers informed about how to protect them. His web design leaves a bit to be desired, but his posts are in depth and informative.

Parks & Braxton

Parks & Braxton is yet another Miami DUI firm, though they also have offices across the state of Florida. They have a very usable site with six years of regular posts on their DUI blog, so there’s a lot of information available to readers. Be warned, though, that they have a tendency toward self-promotion!

The New York DUI Experts

This New York DUI defense blog has a very modern website packed with useful information. They feature some great infographics, such as a breakdown of the different types of breathalyzers, or the most recent statistics on drunk driving fatalities.

Peter F. Iocona

As one of Orange County’s top-rated DUI Lawyers, Peter F. Iocona brings some authority to bear when he writes on his OC DUI blog. His blog has 33 informative articles, though unfortunately it looks like he is no longer updating it – the site’s style is a bit archaic, but quite usable.

Ann Toney

Ann Toney has a superb 10.0 Avvo rating, so when she gives advice, be sure to listen! She posts infrequently, but always has important points or useful information – like how bail bonds work.

Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog

A publication of Robinson & Associates, this Maryland DUI Lawyer Blog focuses specifically on DUI legal information relevant to incidents within the state of Maryland. Bruce M. Robinson, the chief author, is highly recommended by clients, judges, and even prosecutors.

DUI Defense Matters

DUI Defense Matters has been posting regularly since 2013, for a total of 65 posts on everything from marijuana to Uber. The site’s eye-pleasing set-up makes it pleasant to use – and don’t forget to check out their drunk driving dictionary!

Arizona DUI Defense Blog

An older site which is no longer being updated, Kaplow Law firm’s Arizona DUI Defense blog is nevertheless still useful, particularly for those seeking information on various DUI tests and the legal circumstances surrounding them.

Oklahoma DUI

Lawyers Bruce Edge and John Hunsucker worked on this Oklahoma DUI blog from 2009 to 2015, for a total of 73 posts. It still contains a wealth of relevant information for both drivers and lawyers in Oklahoma.

Seattle DUI Attorney

Another niche blog, Matthew Leyba’s site focuses on DUI information in Seattle. He hasn’t updated the site since 2015, but it still provides useful information on subjects such as how a DUI affects pharmacists.

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